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10 Reasons I joined

Younique as a Presenter
Sandy Case
Independent Younique Presenter

Everyone has to have a reason for doing something.  To do without purpose would have not meaning at all, so here are 10 reason I joined the Younique Products family~

Reason  I joined:

1.  I was already wearing and loving All natural mineral make-up products but the company I was buying from, didn't offer me a position to earn income and help other woman feel beautiful and start their own business.

2.  I have the opportunity to grow my business as BIG as my heart desires.

3.  I love the beautiful kit you receive when you join for only $99 with no auto ship and only $125 to stay active every 90 rolling days.

4.  Younique Products is still one of the newer Direct Sales companies and is on the rise in other countries. Germany, Mexico, and Canada are just a few.

5.  Great Facebook support groups where you can ask questions, share photos and the support from the corporate office with fast replies.

6.  Monthly Kudos to offer customers where they get Y cash (Younique cash) to use on future orders.

October Kudo's 2015
Rise and Shine set

Click on the photo below to order

7.  It's easy to host on-line parties right through Facebook with simple registration using using your Facebook account.  Just register, follow he prompts and share the link with friends and family.  Party HERE

8.  When hosting a party, the credit you earned from your party do not need to be used immediately.  You can use them as needed because your link stores the parties you've held and how much (Y) cash and 1/2 priced items you have to use.

9.  You get paid DAILY.  Once you reach $50 in commission, you get your Pay Quicker card where you can withdraw, use as a credit card or transfer funds whenever you want.

10.  Making others feel beautiful warms the heart and wearing Younique Products does that for me.   I enjoy sharing that feeling with others.

If you be interested in joining my Younique team, I would love to have join.  You can click here to join:  JOIN HERE

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