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Focus Groups........
Imagine that......get paid for your opinion!

Focus groups are designed with your opinion in mind on new products that may hit the market.  Perhaps their are things you would like to try but don't want to pay a high price.  Groupon gives you just that....great  deals at a great price!

Focus groups are another great way to earn extra income.

When you register with any focus group, they will ask you a variety of questions regarding your interest and personal life.

If a company is searching for information regarding what consumers may think on a new product they will be offering, a focus group may be formed.  This is when the focus research company will start to go through their data base and pick 8- 10 people to participate in focus group.

This is where you come in.  According to the information you provide, you may be chosen and you will receive payment for your opinion and time.  This fee may be any where from $50 to $100, that you will be paid when the focus group is completed.

Be sure to include as much information on yourself and your hobbies.  This will give you more of an opportunity to be choosen
for a focus group.

If you live in the Chicago land area, these are the companies that offer focus groups in IL.  I have completed several groups over the years and have been paid cash for my time.  It's fun, interesting and an easy way to earn extra $$$$

Click on the business names below for direct links to apply.......

Adler Weiner Research
Aim Research Network
Clearview Research
Consumer Surveys
Focus Scope
Tragon Corporation

Below is a link that will take you to every focus group held throughout the U.S.

Click Here for Focus Groups around the US

Once on the company website for the focus group, look for a link that says
"join our panel" or click on the contact link for a e-mail address or phone number and you can ask how to become a member of their focus group panel.

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