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What's so great about IBO my Press Release Below and watch the video, then sign up.

So what's so great about IBO ToolBox? And if your a member are you making the most of the resources

Below are a few more thing IBO has to offer FREE to members

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How to set up your own IBO Tube channel

Part 2 how to actually upload your YouTube video and also to your IBO profile

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I mentioned earlier being able to write your own Press Releases to share your business, organization or just about anything.

Many times you may want to dress up a Press Release with images and photos and here is a brief tutorial I created so you are not frustrating yourself trying to figure it out.

How to upload images and photos to IBO press release

New video tutorials on IBO TOOLBOX
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How to earn FREE coins on IBO Exchange to increase your own website traffic

How to add links to your images, words and sentences in IBO Press Release

How to add PayPal BUY IT NOW button to IBO Press Release for ebook sales

Here are more of my recently posted Press Releases on IBO ToolBox. (Create your FREE own account here)


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