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Mystery shopping...
A great way to earn extra income & free items

If you enjoy shopping, why not earn FREE items, lunch, and $$$$$

You have the opportunity to earn a great part time income, or even a full time income if you are willing to work!

Mystery shopping is very important to any buisness or franchise. 

By having someone to observe how the business is functionng on a daily basis and how their customers are treated is the job of a mysery shopper,

The most important thing to remember when mystery shopping is detail, detail, detail.  From the time you walk into the shop, to the time in which it took you to complete the shop are the most important keys to mystery shopping.

Below is a list of companies that offer fast food shops, banking & financial, and department stores.

Each company pays different, so be sure you understand their payment procedure & what they expect from you.

If you are looking to work for yourself, then this is a perfect opportunity.

Remember to always read the details of any shop you perform to ensure payment. 

Best wishes & have fun shopping!
Updated August 2015







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