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New Product Coupons

When you first start printing coupons, you will have to download the websites "coupon printer" .  This is just software that will work with your printer so that each coupon prints in the correct format.

Be sure to follow all the directions regarding the printing policy for each website.

If your firewall or printer is not turned on and you click print, your computer will think you are ready to print and those coupons will not print.  Most websites only allow you to print your coupon twice, so if you miss by not being ready, you will be out the coupons.  (Learned this one the hard way myself).

Please do not reproduce or copy your coupons.  This is FRAUD, and you will not be able to use the coupon anyway. There is a bar code on each coupon just like the paper ones and it knows if the coupon has been altered.

There are plenty of great deals without having to do anything illegal.  With that being said, below are all the promotions and coupons, just click on the manufacture link.  It will take you directly to their site.

Aquafresh toothpaste has several $1.00 coupons plus a FREE sample of Extreme Clean Whitening.  Or $7.00 coupon on whitening trays.
Bertolli:  $1.00 printable coupon on any frozen meal.
Betty Crocker has monthly printable coupons you can receive when you sign up for their newsletter.
Colgate has several toothpaste coupons.
Crest White Strips save $7.00 by filling out this on line form, your coupon will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks.
Clairol hair color.... sign up for FREE magazine subscription.
Charmin toilet tissue holder extender for the large rolls.  Click here to get yours FREE.
Cottonell toilet paper & flushable wet wipe coupons.
Country Crock has a 0.40 cent printable coupon
Dawn dish washing liquid has several coupons, check them out.
Dryel $3.00 off either by email or snail mail.
Fabreze air freshner & laundry liquid coupons
Head & Shoulders sign up for FREE samples.
Healthy Choice $1.00 off 2 meals, they are also looking for a new spokesperson, check it out!

Ice Mountain get save $1.00 on 2 -6, 8 or 12 packs.
Kotex Overnight for women, get your FREE sample.
Luvs Diaper $1.00 coupon.
Mr Clean has a link for a $30 coupon booklet.  Takes 4-6 weeks to receive by mail, but worth the wait.
Purina has coupons for $3.00 off Second Nature pet food & $1.50 coupon for kitty liter.
PriloseOTC FREE sample plus coupons.
Reyolds wrap coupon & FREE downloadable cookbook.
Sun Crystals sweetner...get a FREE sample & a printable
$1.50 coupon.
Swiffer get a $10 Debit card plus over $15 in coupons.
Target has a variety of grocery coupons to print and use at their store.
Therflu:  $2.00 coupon
Tide get a FREE sample & a $1.00 off coupon for a Tide to go.  Plus $1.50 coupon for New Tide Stain Release coming in July.
Total Cereal $1.00 off printable coupon
Tropicana sign up to receive coupons and other promotions to your email address.
Tylenol $1.00 printable coupon
Walmart has several FREE samples, check it out!
Wyethallbrands has several coupons for Advil, Alavert, Chapstick, Dimetapp, Centrum, Preperation H, and Thermacare ranging from $1.00 to $5.00.

Another great place for coupons is ALL YOU magazine.
If you click on the link, you can get 2 FREE trial issues and decide if you like the magazine.  There are coupons, puzzles and great deals in every issue.


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