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Another GREAT way to earn FREE items!

Check out the

FREE after purchase 4 get $5.00 back, Jewel 10 for 10 sale, so $5.00 back on the rebate

Raisin Bran Extra FREE after rebate.  Check your local grocery store.  Rebate form on inside of box.

All Bran
FREE after rebate.

 Duncan Hines Carrot Cake FREE after rebate.

Sergento Finishers FREE after rebate & buy 1 get 1 FREE.

 Reynolds Wrap FREE after rebate.

Pepsi & Lays $2.00 for 5 cases & 2 bags of chips with Superbowl special at CVS and Pespi rebate for Super Bowl.

Pep Boys rebate for 10 quarts of oil & 2 oil filters FREE.

Staples paper 0.25 cents a ream after mail in reabte

Rebates are another great way to earn FREE items every month.  The only thing is, you have to keep track of the mail in date.  All the items on the left were FREE after rebate or so cheap you might as well call it FREE!

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Earn a rebate on everything you buy online at Mr. Rebates? 30% for every dollar you spend.

Remember if you have a coupon for the rebate item, use it.  There will be times when you will receive the full amount back.   Other times, the manufacturer will deduct the coupon amount.  It's worth a shot, you may earn on a rebate deal!

The best habit to get into soon as you purchase the item, go home and fill out the rebate form, cut out any UPC code needed and get it in the mail. 

Get a file folder just for your rebates and photo copy everything.  This is in case you do not get your rebate, you can mail it again and send a copy of your proof that the item was purchased.

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Love a good bargain? Or how about FREE

There are many FREE items after rebate and many companies will offer a customer satisfaction refund.  Customer guarantee rebate refunds are great!  How many times have you purchased something and just threw it away becuase it wasn't good?  Now, you can try several different items and get a refund if you are not satisfied.

Every Sunday in the coupon section, there is usually at least 1 FREE offer.  You will also see these at your grocery stores on the manufacture item, like cereal offers on the box itself for the rebate~

Feline Pine All Natural Cat Liter FREE
7-10.2 lb bag.

Kellogg's:   Sign up for $10 in coupons & use 0.70 cent coupon towards FREE Fiber Plus. 
Click here for rebate form

Kids & Pets:  FREE after rebate for cleaning up little messes.

Mineral Wear:  FREE consealer

Nestle' Good Start Baby Formula Money Back Guarantee.

Oragel Advanced Tooth Desensitizer FREE Rebate.

Orgnic Wear:  FREE jumbo wear mascara.

Physicians formula eye booster:  FREE after rebate.

Swiffer Sweeper Money Back Guarantee.

Wheatables:  Money Back up to $3.89

World's Best Cat Litter:  Try it for FREE with this rebate

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