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Have you ever wondered where you get a promotional code for Amazon products at checkout?  Or have you ever read a review on a product you were interested in buying and read "I received this item at a discount or free in exchange for my honest review?"

Well I am going to share some of the best sites for you to get great products from Amazon for discounted prices, some for a few dollars, some $1.oo and other FREE!

If you want to become an Amazon Reviewer, there are a few things you MUST do in order to get qualified and get the best deals.

  1. You must be a customer of Amazon.  The websites I am going to share will link your Amazon profile into your account when you sign up so companies know that you are a customer and they may even check to see the types of reviews you have left in the past.
  2. In order to get great deals, you really need to be a Amazon Prime member.  Many of the items you purchase will offer Prime shipping which means it will ship for FREE if you are a member.  You can join Prime by clicking here or the image below.  If you do not join Amazon Prime you are going to pay a lot in shipping charges and being a Amazon reviewer may not be worth the cost for the number of packages you will start receiving.

3.  Once you are approved to start reviewing Amazon products, you simply use the promotional code given to get your discount in the promotional box at checkout.  Because you are using Amazon Prime for shipping you will receive most of your items within 2 days once the item ships from the seller.  You will notice there will be a ZERO (0.00) cost for shipping due to the Prime Membership.
4.  You must review the item within the allotted time given.  Most items can be reviewed right away while some items like vitamins, supplements, beauty products may take a few days to try so you can give an honest review.  Two weeks is usually the amount of time given to review an item.
5.  If you do not review the item in the allowed time frame, the company that you  review your items with will ban you from the program and not allow any more discounted items.
6.  You are only allowed to use the coupon code once and if you share the code with anyone, you will be banned by the program.

So let's get started with the companies you can JOIN for FREE to become an Amazon reviewer.  Once you sign up, you can start picking products as soon as you JOIN below.  Once you join you will have to confirm your email address to get access back into the members area.

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