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If you are a blogger, add articles to your website or if your like me, you create Press Releases on IBO ToolBox or Ezines, you can now take any article and create a video that can instantly be shared on YouTube and over 50 other video websites.

If you are not a member of IBO Tool, I invite you to join with the link below and check out the link to the right IBO for instruction videos on getting started.

Getting started converting articles to
video is easy

Visit my IBO ToolBox Press Releases to give you more in depth information on getting started with turning your articles into videos.

Create your own videos from any article you have written and share it on 50+ sites to bring you more

In the 2 Press Releases and videos below you will see how easy it is to upload your article and instantly create a video

Turn any of your IBO Press Releases to video and share on over 50+ video sites.

Part 2 How to edit your video from the IBO Press Release you just uploaded to Article Video Robot

Remember, it doesn't matter the article or if you want to create a video right within Article Video Robot, the possibilities are endless.

Videos bring in lots of traffic so this is one avenue you do not want to miss.

Click the link below and JOIN for FREE.
Test it out with your own articles and when you are ready to give it a try,  upgrade with a Credit Card or PayPal account.  You can cancel at any time before the next billing period but once you see the traffic increase you might be a long term member.

How to start your own YouTube Channel

Read the IBO Press Release
and view video below on how to get started
How to set up your own YouTube Channel

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