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Younique Eyes

Sandy Case
Independent Younique Presenter


Younique Pigments can be used in several different manners.  Placing a small amount of pigment in your container lid along with a little Rose Water, will give your eyes a dramatic look and is used many time as an eye liner.

      Please click here to see pricing and pigment colors:  Younique Color Pigments

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As explained, using Younique Pigments, you can add Rose water for Face painting, add 1/4 tsp pigment color to clear polish to make your own Younique nail color, add any color pigment  to Vaseline to any create lip colors and use in hair that easily washes out~

And yes, there is MORE!!!

Add any color Younique Pigment to Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

Eye Designs using
Younique Pigments
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