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Here are some helpful hint to apply Younique Products.
   this page and visit often as we will update information as more tips come in.

Make Up by Angel has these great printable face images you can print to save your Younique looks. 
Click on the image below to get started!

Once you click on the face below, just scroll through the blog feed, pick the face you want to print, click on it and then "print", it's that easy~


Let's start with "How to apply the 3D Lashes"  This is Malanie Houscroft, the Co Founder of
Younique Products.


Next, here are some useful tips on using and caring for you 3D Fiber Lashes



Next, you can wet Younique Color Pigments to use as Eye liner or to make a more dramatic look with your Eye Design.

To wet your pigments, use a cap, add the amount of colored pigment you think you will need to do both eyes and add Younqique Rose Water
Stir until creamy and apply~

To make eye liner, here is a step by step to help you get started

Be sure to check our link "Beauty Supplies" for additional applicators and containers.

Click on the photo to order~


While we are on Moodstruck Pigments,
Here are a few other "Younique" things you can do with our colored pigments.
There are many ways to do Hair Chalking, but the easiest way it to take a make-up brush and add the streaks of color you are looking to add and then spray with hairspray to hold until you are ready to wash out.

DO NOT brush the area that you streaked or you will brush it out of your hair.

Be sure to check out "Beauty Supplies" link for additional containers for mixing pigments.

This is my own mixture with Regal Pigment.  I just used a Dollar Store clear nail polish and added what I needed to get the color I was looking to achieve.  Once you add the pigment of choice, shake and apply.  You can repeat applying rather than adding more pigment but that is up to you.

Some girls will mix enough in a cap to do their finger nails but I like having a little extra to do do touch ups.

Be sure to check out "Beauty Supplies" link for additional containers for mixing pigments.

To get color for your mascara, you can simply add the 3D Fiber Gel to your favorite Younique Moodstruck Pigment.

Be sure to check out the "Beauty Supplies" link for containers and applicators as you would want use a different wand and mix in different containers so you don't get a color build up on your 3D Lash Applicator.

You can add Younique Moodstruck Pigments directly to your lips and seal with a clear lip gloss for all day lasting color.

Be sure to visit the "Beauty Supplies" link to get individual lip applicators for each color pigment you use.


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